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Ladies and gentlemen,

I'm putting together a radio feature story on the "benefits of bespoke"Â for Marketplace (which airs on NPR if you're not familiar).

I've already arranged most of the interviews, but I'm looking for some extra flair, and I'm hoping that one or two of you might be interested in contributing your voice(s) to what promises to be an entertaining and colorful piece.

Looking for several subjects, who can be either ladies or gentlemen, n'importe:

Someone who is considering buying a bespoke suit. I'd like to talk to him or her about why.

Someone who's been buying bespoke suits for a while and can talk enthusiastically about why he's prepared to spend so much money on these suits. Be prepared to comment on everything from the immense personal pleasure one gets from wearing the clothing (and perhaps feeling the superiority to those off the peg clones) through to the cost benefits (clothing lasts longer, easier to alter etc). I'm very interested in exploring the personal finance angle here.

Someone who has bought bespoke suits in the past and has either been disappointed or is prepared to talk frankly about any downsides, such as the time it can take.

Someone who has bought bespoke suits from an overseas tailor, either by e-mail, a la Ravi in Thailand, or from a visiting tailor from London, and has had a good experience.

Someone who's bought bespoke suits from an overseas tailor, has had a bad experience, and is prepared to talk frankly about it. The tailor or tailors in question would NOT be identified.

Unfortunately, I can only meet with people who are based in New York or Los Angeles. The story will probably run between three and five minutes and air after Labor Day. Anyone wishing to participate has to be prepared to be identified by name and profession on the air.

If you're interested, you can either reply on this forum, or you can get in touch via e-mail. Let me know who you are, where you are, which category you'd fit into and why, and when you'll be in either L.A. or NYC. I shall be in New York during the second and third weeks in August, so if you're available then, that would fit nicely. It will have to be in Manhattan, however, as, being a reporter, I can't afford the cost of a train ticket to the Hamptons.

Even if you're not up for appearing on the wireless, I'd be delighted to read on the Forum any information that you feel might be relevant. Let your fingers fly!
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