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A good tailor will have a "style book" from witch you can determine what you want. Lapels, vents, straight or slant pockets, ticket pocket, double brested or single, jacket buttons, cuff buttons working or not, inside pockets (I like four). Have a button hole on your lapel for flower and a strong thread to hold the stem. Trousers, cuffs or none, pleats single, double or none, foward facing pleats or reverse pleats, pockets straight or slant, rear pockets with buttons and or a flap.
Consider additional pockets i.e. I like a coin pocket inside my right trouser pocket which I use to hold my cell phone when I am not wearing a jacket.
Plus I have a hidden pocket inside the waist band. Do you wear a belt then you need belt loops. Or do you use suspenders? Then you need suspender buttons. If so consider a fishtail back also have side tabs to tighten these trousers when your not wearing suspenders.
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