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I think exactly the opposite is true.
Absolutely right.

Here is an option list I prepared some while back to help someone on one of the forums who was in a similar dilemma and did not know what to do. It does not however obviate the need to discuss your preferences with your cutter.

Check list - suit.


Where I have put a * these you should really have, the others are choices. There are obviously many other styles and features you can have but of the classic everyday business style:

Single/Double breast?
If single, 3 or 2 button?
Roll of lapel - just where?
Peak lapel or notch (SB)
If double button one or two?
4 working cuff buttons*
Colour of lining - contrast or match. Satin or polyester??
Straight or 'slant/hacking' side pockets with or without flaps?
Ticket pocket inside either or both side pockets?
Outside ticket pocket?
Lapel button hole and flower stem 'cord' behind*
Ensure that the right amount of shirt cuff shows*
Side/centre or no vents
Inside pockets - how many and where placed. I currently have 8?
• Do you want any to fasten - zip or button/flap
• What size?
• Do you use two breast pockets: It is certainly now a good idea to have a cell phone pocket as well as a ticket pocket: Think where you want it - not where others would.
Your name embroidered inside?


Belt or side adjusters/extension band?
If braces how high a rise (can vary by choice) Fishtail back or not?(preferred)
French bearer?
Zip fly or button?
Turn ups?
Pleats? One or two forward or reverse?
Width of bottoms?
Half lined legs?
On seam or slant side pockets?
Cpin pocket inside either or both side pockets
Fob pocket? - what style i.e. in waistband or outside and below with flap?
Back pockets? - 1, 2 or none? If yes how do you prefer them to fasten, button through or flap/button or tab/button. Concealed button is another option. Double jetted with button/hole look best I think.


-do you want a vest at all
-single-breasted or double-breasted
-if single, five or six buttons?
-lapels or no lapels?
-hole for watch chain?

There are many views here about all these. Some people tend to have a fairly firm few which tends to be from days gone by. These are things - such as braces are a must: they have advantages on 'hang' of the trouser but not everyone wants to have braces visible when they remove their jacket - that is for you although the are not terribly practical today and I would recommend the practical.

I would suggest that you take this list and a current suit and just draw up a list based on this lot that you want. Some of the houses can be a little prescriptive and try to persuade first timers into the cutters thoughts, not what he wants.

You decide and then stick to your guns. It is your suit and you should get the pleasure out of it
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