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Ben Silver ties-inferior quality?

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I recently received my order of a Ben Silver regimental tie. I chose the Pembroke Summer Amalgamated tie from the White Warp collection.

After wearing it once, I noticed the tie had a lot of small wrinkles in it. I thought that after rolling and storing the tie, it would go away, but the wrinkles remain. The tie is made of their twill silk. Are the wrinkles a sign of inferior quality? How can I get them out; iron? Although the tie looks great and I get alot of compliments on it, I'm a bit disappointed by its overall feel, and weight. For the price, I thought I would get more for my money. I do tend to prefer heavier weight silks, like the Drakes 50oz ties, which make great windsor knots. I don't think I'll be buying another Ben Silver-branded tie.
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