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We're going to my wife's aunt's house today for Easter dinner. She is an incredibly fit and active 84.

Easter is her favorite holiday and we've been going there every year since her husband passed 5 years ago. My one time a year I get to enjoy her special canned french green beans with slivered almonds and some type of cream sauce with a "crust" which she probably started simmering on Thursday.

Well at least the ham will be extra salty and she frowns on any alcohol consumption.

To her credit she is a fabulous baker and her desert is always outstanding...some of her pastries are world class!

I digress.... I just finished brushing down my suit for today, (she loves the fact that we still all "dress up" for Easter at her house), one I've probably not worn since the start of Covid.

There are two belt loops to the right of the fly within an inch or so of each other. All 3 of the Oxxfords have them. Why?? To compensate for an ill fitting belt? Can't be...

Don't laugh, I had to research here a while back to figure out what that little tab on the fly of my BB Golden Fleece suit pants was for. (I still don't use that either).
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