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Belt For LL Bean Blucher Mocs

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This is my first time posting but I have been visiting the forums for about a month or so. Ya'll really seem to know what ya'll are talking about and it's great to have a source like this to go to. Now for my question. I just bought a pair of LL Bean blucher mocs but do not have a belt anywhere close to the color of the shoes. Does anyone have a suggestion about where I can get a belt that is at least close to the color? I ordered one from LL Bean and figured that since both the belt and shoe color was listed as brown that they would be the same shade,but that's not the case. The belt is a very dark brown. I'll be really appreciative of any help as I haven't really gotten to enjoy my shoes yet.
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maybe you could post the exact color of the shoes, as i know some people here may know the exact places you can look
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