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Obviously, I take pleasure in expressing myself through clothing and attempt to present myself well, or I wouldn't be visiting. And for any who share such interests, I was today reminded of a principle of dress I discovered long ago, but often lose sight of, and it is what I think of as dressing consonant with the day.

If we're trying to dress well we're either consciously or unconsciously attempting to harmonize a number of external aspects of what we're wearing: color, tone, form, pattern, etc. But something that I discovered also plays a role is the mood of the day. This is the interaction between our emotional outlook and the actual appearance of the day as influenced by the weather and other aspects of our environment.

If this is a novel notion, I would suspect you're laughing by now. I certainly would be. Has Flanderian finally lost it? (Long ago! :confused:) But perhaps it's not as silly and comical as it might first look. If we live in an area that, for example, experiences marked summers and winters we likely have wardrobes that look quite different for each, and look the better in them for it. Hmm . . . :icon_scratch: If we spend time in an urbane metropolis (Guess that leaves out NYC! :D) and also in the country, we also probably have clothes that differ for each, and again look the better for it. Double hmm . . . :icon_scratch:

You see, in many instances we're doing what I describe without knowing what the root motivation is, or consciously considering it. But awareness opens a revealing and satisfying dimension of dress, and that is dressing consonant with the day.

I hope to take myself to lunch today and was reminded of this principle. Our days have been cold, dark and rainy, and what I had been planning to wear was in a more somber pallet. Today dawned still cold, but bright, sunny and breezy with spring finally a nearer promise. My arthritis is less bother, my mood lifts, and the ensemble in which I had taken pleasure no longer suits, would not look very good, and me worse in it. So, a substitution here and there, the addition of a mauve wool tie and my "naked lady" suspenders and I will find myself far more Consonant with the Day.

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I dress twice a day on most days. Work-wear and then changing into home-wear on weekdays. Both are seasonal and depend on factors like climate and what I will be doing that day. Some days require a bit of physical work, so I dress accordingly. Other days are more flexible since it will be mostly desk-work. Also, since I work at a club on the beach in LA, that influences what I wear, particularly during the summer. For me, gray trousers just don't suit on a sunny August day at the beach. Home-wear depends mostly on the weather, unless I'm going out. For home, cooler weather is heavy corduroys and an old tweed jacket or a cardigan.

On weekends, day-wear is compatible with whatever events are planned--grocery shopping, visiting a museum, taking a walk in the city, etc. Evening-wear is the same--dinner in or out, a movie or a show, and so on.
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