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Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but with all the talk I have seen about the demise of the sack I thought you gents who can fit into a 39-43 may be interested in this for $324. If only there were larger ones...sigh...

Double Windowpane Saxxon™ Sport Coat
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bemberg lining
Bemberg is a brand name of rayon fabric, of the finest quality. It is used for our suit and sportcoat linings, and is the softest, finest lining available

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A trademarked rare, fine wool of superior quality from the Saxon merino sheep. Much lighter than cashmere, it's noted for its extreme softness and resistance to wrinkles.

Made from elegant Saxxon" wool, celebrated for it's lightweight and luxurious hand. 3-button sack.100% Bemberg lining. Dry clean. Made in Canada.
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