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I've checked older threads for experience with BB flannels, and while they haven't gotten rave reviews, the overall opinion seems to be that they are pretty good. Anyone care to comment? I have a couple of $20 BB rewards cards which, coupled with 25% off, would get a pair for $146. I like the heavier of the 2 models of flannel trou Press offers, but their next sale usually doesn't happen until November.
I bought a couple pairs of brooks flannel pants last year from the factory store and am glad I did. One pair is from the 346 line, and the other was an overstock from the real store.

The 346 pair was noticably lower quality, but still better than department store pants. The pair from regular brooks bros is a great pair of pants. They've held up well and look sharp. Better than a pair of Hiltl flannels I looked at later on.
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