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Basic questions about washing shirts by myself

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I'm thinking about start washing and ironing my shirts by myself instead of sending them to the cleaner's so they'll hopefully last longer.

Would it be OK if I skip the process of putting starch? I usually ask for low starch at the cleaner's. What about no starch at all? Can the cuffs and collar still hold up well after wearing them for a few hours? I wouldn't mind wrinkles on the shirt's chest, sleeves, but not on the cuffs and collar.

Another thing, what's the best way to keep the shirt lying flat on the ironing board so I won't create creases when pressing the shirt?

How fast should I move the iron?

I understand that when ironing woolen fabrics it's better to put a linen/cotton cloth between the iron and the fabrics. Do I still need to do that for shirts?

Thank you!
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