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Barbour jacket fit check

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I recently bought a Barbour Ashby Wax Jacket.

I bought this for being a model identical to the Bedale but updated by BArbour and slimmer.

What is your opinion of his adjustment? On the shoulders it's perfect, it's an S and I think an XS would not fit into it, the problem is that I find it too long, I'm thinking of returning it ..

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Just another question.
I had the idea that the coat was made in England, but he's not saying anywhere where it's made, I've seen it on every label. However I inspected the jacket to the promenor and it seems to me to have good finishes.

I sent an email to bArbour, asking which Country it was made in, I'm waiting for an answer.
The Ashby is not UK-made. Probably made in some Eastern European country.
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I think it fits great (I have a Bedale, amongst others...). The length of your jacket is not nearly Border-length, and "just" long enough if you end up wearing the jacket over a sportcoat/suit (which I've done on numerous occasions). As far as sleeve length, the same applies. When worn in the rain I greatly prefer the longer length, it keeps the water off my sleeves. I think it looks solid.
Good luck trying to wear an Ashby over a suit or sport coat. Not nearly enough room to do so comfortably. But that's ok, it's not what it's made for. That's why there's the Beaufort.
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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