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Barbour jacket fit check

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I recently bought a Barbour Ashby Wax Jacket.

I bought this for being a model identical to the Bedale but updated by BArbour and slimmer.

What is your opinion of his adjustment? On the shoulders it's perfect, it's an S and I think an XS would not fit into it, the problem is that I find it too long, I'm thinking of returning it ..

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Yes the underarm is perfect with layers until it gets a little tight to wear, it could never be a smaller size. But in the length was only less than 1cm so I find the perfect coat, I hate when it is left .. Even more me being a thin person, I like a slim fit look ..
On the other hand you can protect me more in the winter rain, but the most important thing is always to feel good in it and look in the mirror and like it ..
I am honestly undecided whether to return it or not.
Thank you all for your opinion.
I decided to keep the jacket, I love it, it has very good quality, and it is a little long but within the acceptable, and this makes sense during a rainy winter ..

Thank you all
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Just another question.
I had the idea that the coat was made in England, but he's not saying anywhere where it's made, I've seen it on every label. However I inspected the jacket to the promenor and it seems to me to have good finishes.

I sent an email to bArbour, asking which Country it was made in, I'm waiting for an answer.
Is this something I should be worried about?
The coat seems to me well constructed and finished, but I can not compare it with a made in Uk, since I never had any before ..
Yes the ashby has a slim cut, especially on the shoulders ..
I still do not wear it with a suit, but in the last photo I have a shirt and a lambswool jumper and I feel comfortable
Good Morning.

I'm going to keep the coat, I love it. But I have to say one thing, Barbour company is a great disappointment for me.
First the coat does not mention the Country where it was produced, which already starts badly. But I contacted Barbour by email, and after insisting for them to tell me, they asked me for a code that comes in the jacket, I gave.
Today I receive an email from them, saying that the coat was made in Europe and can not say more than that, what a shame. I feel that they are hiding the Country where the coat was made, will be by shame, of admitting that they produce in Countries of much less cost and bad conditions..? I am sure.
Anyway, I had a lot of respect for Barbour, that at the moment everything was lost.
Do not you think the same?
Yes you're right, I started by saying that I love the jacket and I'll keep it.
But still disappointed with the Barbour Brand, because he is hiding it in a disguised way
Do you think I have not checked it yet? It does not say where it is produced anywhere.
It is the first clothing I have that does not come from the country of manufacture.
But I'm not going to think about it anymore, just wear and enjoy the jacket
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I have heard and seen that some Barbours are made in Bulgaria. My wife was made in Bulgaria. She is sturdy and has lasted some decades on this planet. I am sure your jacket will as well.

I referred to this ... poor working conditions and low cost, but then sell the products at exorbitant prices..“The+Sewing+Sweatshop+of+Europe”+-+report
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