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Barbour jacket fit check

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I recently bought a Barbour Ashby Wax Jacket.

I bought this for being a model identical to the Bedale but updated by BArbour and slimmer.

What is your opinion of his adjustment? On the shoulders it's perfect, it's an S and I think an XS would not fit into it, the problem is that I find it too long, I'm thinking of returning it ..

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Looks fine. Keep it and enjoy wearing it.
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Just another question.
I had the idea that the coat was made in England, but he's not saying anywhere where it's made, I've seen it on every label. However I inspected the jacket to the promenor and it seems to me to have good finishes.

I sent an email to bArbour, asking which Country it was made in, I'm waiting for an answer.
From what I've gathered through my own observations is that Barbour's core and more heritage models (Bedale, Beaufort, etc.) are still made in England.

They have a variety of seasonal jackets and other gear that are made off shore.

If it's made in England, it will say so on the label afixed to the lining. If you don't see it there, odds are it's made in Romania or someplace like that.
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Is this something I should be worried about?
The coat seems to me well constructed and finished, but I can not compare it with a made in Uk, since I never had any before ..
You're fine. Barbour jacket are well made regardless of the country of origin.
Good Morning.

I'm going to keep the coat, I love it. But I have to say one thing, Barbour company is a great disappointment for me.
First the coat does not mention the Country where it was produced, which already starts badly. But I contacted Barbour by email, and after insisting for them to tell me, they asked me for a code that comes in the jacket, I gave.
Today I receive an email from them, saying that the coat was made in Europe and can not say more than that, what a shame. I feel that they are hiding the Country where the coat was made, will be by shame, of admitting that they produce in Countries of much less cost and bad conditions..? I am sure.
Anyway, I had a lot of respect for Barbour, that at the moment everything was lost.
Do not you think the same?
Why is it a shame? Do you like it? Just wear it and don't worry about where it's made.
Yes you're right, I started by saying that I love the jacket and I'll keep it.
But still disappointed with the Barbour Brand, because he is hiding it in a disguised way
If you look in the inside pockets, you might find a tag with the country of origin.

They're not hiding anything. The rep may not have known. Barbour makes many different jackets and styles of jackets. To expect a customer service rep to have an encyclopedic knowledge of where everything is made is a bit much. Ideally? Sure. Realistically, it doesn't matter.

It's made in Europe. There you go. Take care of it and it will serve you well.
It looks a little long,but if its kept open than its fine.!
It looks long relative to what?

I referred to this ... poor working conditions and low cost, but then sell the products at exorbitant prices.."The+Sewing+Sweatshop+of+Europe"+-+report
I'm not sure I understand the point of the article.
Don't want to start a new thread so apologies to the OP for the hijack. Found out there is an Orvis store a couple miles from my house (embarrassing). l so stopped by and tried on their Harrington jackets and some Barbours. I think the Bedale below fits nicely save the sleeve is a tad too long. Is it possible to shorten the sleeves or do I just have a deal with it?

First time handling a Barbour - wow. These are very nice.

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Please keep in mind, it's outerwear. It's not a sport coat.

I think the sleeves look fine. I have the Bedale as well and I normally layer it over a shirt and pullover.
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