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What is your opinion on Barba shirts? If I remember correctly, Dr Bresch praised them, but I'm unsure on this.

I found a shop in Moscow that offers RTW Barbas (very small selection) for 150 - 170 USD.

They also offer something that might be called "stock special" -- when one can choose fabric and style of collar and cuffs. Pattern is standard, thought -- it is possible to combine parts from different sizes (say, collar in size 16" with a body from size 14"), but that's all about it. Selection of fabrics is seasonal -- each season there are something around 300 swatches. The price for "stock special" is 200 USD.

What do you think about this -- is it a good deal? What are the prices for Barba shirts in USA?


P.S.: I crossposted this topic to StyleForum. Sorry if you read it twice.
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