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This made me laugh:

They might as well be talking about me (and almost everyone else I seem to talk to these days when the subject of "What are you reading?" comes up). It seems to take me forever to get through a book lately. I love to read but I suspect it's because we get too many magazines and newspapers. After combing through The Kansas City Star daily, The Week and The Economist every week, and Bon Appetite and Fast Company every month (plus the occasional NYT, WSJ, Robb Report, Esquire, Sports Illustrated, and seemingly countless gardening and business-related trade magazines), I find it hard to find the time and energy to dig into a book every day. Luckily I don't read my news on the Web too much...or I'd be in serious trouble!

I either need to manage my time more efficiently, get fewer magazines or learn to skim better (is Evelyn Wood still around to teach me?).:icon_smile_big: Am I alone in this?
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