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Bailey Litefelt hat

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Last week Noina was listening to the radio and one of those strange contests came on, in this case: What is the second most popular sport in India? I had lived in India for a couple of years when growing up so she pushed me to call in. Amazingly enough I won!

The next thing you know I was at the station picking up a gift certificate to an Army Navy surplus store. When I was a kid these type of stores really had surplus stuff. Some cool old flight jackets etc.

Well no more, now it is mainly new items. While walking through the store I came across some Bailey Litefelt hats. I saw one that I really liked called the Morgan with a 2 7/8 inch Brim and a simple brown leather band. Very similar to the Gallatin in this link but a darker color and different band

The weather in Colorado during the summer can be 92 degrees one minute and shortly afterwards hailing, we also get lots of afternoon thunderstorms and showers. So even though wool hats are warmer in general than cotton hats I thought that I would give this hat a try.

Results: It works as an all weather outdoor walking hat! (Although it is slightly warmer than a cotton hat when it is over 90 out...)

1) I am curious has anyone else who walks and hikes tried these Litefelt type hats?

2) Do they work for you year-round?

I could have bought a canvas hat but it just didn't look sharp. I am sure everyone knows what I mean and how I feel....

I feel good wearing this hat, and I walk at least an hour a day.


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