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Banana Republic has posted what has to be the worst fashion advice on their website for poor fellows who probably don't know any better (i confess, i like their Dawson chinos as they fit me well though i would never buy a dress shirt or even less a suit from BR).

Their Q & A for after-work wear is chock-full of gems like this first one.

Q: I often go out straight from the office. How can i make the transition a smooth one?

A: Keep your blazer, untuck your shirt and swap your work pants for jeans. It really is that simple.

How simple is that really? Should you have a pair of jeans in your desk, office...? Why wear jeans anyway? Never mind that the shirt (which shouldn't be untucked, come to think of it, those BR shirts should not be worn by anyone in the office period) will look awful untucked if it has been tucked into pants all day - quite unlike what the model is wearing.

Whatever happened to loosening the tie after work?

I am alone in finding this advice is nonsense and a recipe for looking like a slob. I admit it has turned me off wanting to buy their chinos. Rant over.


Here is the link:
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