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Baby DON'T Need a Blue Pair of Shoes.

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I don't need any pair of shoes, and am successfully resisting purchasing any!!!


Among my many weaknesses is one for blue suede. But as fond of it as I am, I must admit they are something that gain from not being constantly seen, and hence, their versatility is not as great as, say, good 'ol brown leather. I've been thinking how lovely, and how much I'd enjoy a pair of tassel loafers from Sanders in blue suede that I've had hankering over for several moons.

But I've just spied these, and they really ring almost all the right bells as a casual shoe according to my preferences. But I'm not gonna buy them either!


The reason I show them is my wonder at the truly remarkable hide. What an incredible nap! It looks as if one could fall into it and be lost for days!

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I have fallen into the blue shoe (particularly the blue suede shoe) hole several times - one pair of leather/suede blue cap toes (leather in the front, suede in the back); a pair of blue suede two-eyelet derbies from New & Lingwood (they were on sale - kryptonite to my sense of fiscal probity); a pair of navy suede tassel loafers from Paul Stuart (also a sale item); a comfortable, if junky pair of rubber-soled navy suede bluchers from J&M; and a pair of navy suede sneakers (if such things count).
I just broke down and bought my first pair of blue suede derbys. J&M on sale for $99.

It's much easier to justify something less conservative when it's under $100.
Does the phrase "gateway drug" sound familiar? ;) (For the record, my first blue shoes of any variety were J&M blue suede bluchers - I know the effect.)
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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