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I discovered a few months back. With Century 21 closed, I'm still able to dress far above my station in life.

My first purchase from TRR way s a pure cashmere jacket from Dominoco Vacca, made by Cesare Attolini. Easy conclusions to reach because they both have tags sewn all over the jacket. I paid about $150 for a jacket that must have cost-what?-$5,000? $6,000? More?

With the warmer weather here, I just picked up a lighter jacket. Some sort of silk blend from Luciano Barbera. About $75. There's a small Barbera tag and that's it. But I swear it's identical to the Vacca. Same fit, same shoulder, same pockets. (Good for me since I'm not as thin as the average Neopolitan and these jackets are a bit more generous than Kiton, et. al.)

Could Attolini have made the Barbera jacket? Anyone? I'd have a hard time believing that these jackets weren't made by the same hand.
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