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Atlanta Regional AAAC Meeting

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Since I got some hints to do this from Alan, I have decided to begin planning an Atlanta meeting for our Southeast members. I know we have some members in Birmingham, South Carolina, Tennessee and Florida and certainly everyone is welcome to meet the local crew in Atlanta.

I would like to get some information from the local members in Atlanta and the surrounding areas/states:

1. Do you think a Regional Meeting is a good idea?

2. What events would you ideally like to see?

I was thinking about reaching out to Edgar Pomeroy and see if he wants to give us a tour or provide some comments on bespoke clothing...Maybe we can time this around some sales or MTM events in Atlanta as well. We have some good events at Neimans in October.

3. Would October or November be a good time?

Let me know your thoughts...thanks! :)
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I'm interested. Atlanta is about 3 hours from me.
Thanks GMF. We look forward to meeting you.
Thanks GMF. We look forward to meeting you.
Just let me know when and where and I'll try to make it.
I'm somewhat interested, although as a novice I wouldn't be able to dress like the rest of you would. I guess it would be a good learning experience :)
That sounds like a wonderful idea. My schedule is a little unpredicatble but I would love to join in.
Brilliant idea!

I'm in as long as the date works out. Friday or Saturday would be preferable, Sundays would be out for me.

Thanks for carrying the water on this one, AF.
Fridays are tough for me so I will try for a Saturday. :)
Would love to attend (though, depending on my daughter's college cross country/winter track schedule some Saturdays are going to be more do-able than others.)
I have reached out to a prominent store and they are actually considering maybe doing a luncheon and artisan's presentation to share some clothing knowledge. I have to get a couple of approvals from the store managers but I should know something by the end of next week. I believe if this happens it may put us around late October.

The presentation may include discussion of trends and craftsmanship. If you have any specific topics of interest then let me know.
I would love to come as well, especially since my parents live in Atlanta. I would also like to note that any Atlantans (and other southerners) are welcomed to attend our Birmingham get together that we are planning for the end of September (there is already an older thread on this)
Count me in

I'm in (most likely for a Saturday). Let's keep it simple and sweet this first time since it'll be a meeting ground for all of us. I've never done something like this before but it sounds interesting. What costs are we talking about here? Will we be shuttling from store to store? October sounds good.

I think for this event, everybody must pay their own costs although some of the events may be free. I have to see what happens. Transportation into the city and going to any locations must be borne by the members; we don't have a budget for the day obviously.
Lee, of course count me in...
I'm working with a prominent retailer on a nice event. Please stay tuned...details to follow.
Please count me in, subject to future conflicts.

Why Not

Where do I apply, maybe I can meet ANDY, anyone remeber me?
Where do I apply, maybe I can meet ANDY, anyone remeber me?
Good to see you! (and of course we remember...nobody else could ever get me to wake up early in the morning, rapidly clicking refresh on the benniesshoes website hoping to beat Andrew Portnoy to a pair or two of Stuart's Choice GMP :icon_smile_big:)

I'm also looking forward to the event.
Any movement on this or did I miss it? I'd love to meet you all.
Count me in, maybe we can trap A. Squire in a bag and ship him to Mongolia, I know someone at UPS. :icon_smile_big:
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