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AskAndy Russia Tour

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I'll be in Russia in June.

Any AskAndy Members in these cities that want to get together and test some Vodka?

St. Petersburg

Post here or e-mail me!
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Great! I'm looking forward to meeting you. We'll set something up as the date gets closer. And after a couple of vodkas (or even beer) I should be able to speak Russian! ;)
How annoying... just as I leave Russia for the states, you come to Russia :)
Maybe we're the same person - never seen together!
Sounds good! :amazing:preparing some Borscht for you!


Looks good! I guess you can't beet that soup! :)
We're set for Moscow thanks to the generosity of Jimmy of Imperial Tailors in Red Square and iLarry! Thanks gentlemen, I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Anyone else in Moscow or going to be there?
And here is the invitation:

Дмитрий Корольков пригласил(а) Вас на событие «Andy Visit».
когда среда, 15 июня 2016 г., 13:00 MSK - 16:00 MSK
место Рыбный переулок 2
Москва, Россия
участники Вы
URL-адрес message://%3CBLU437-SMTP10B0D01C0817D87871CA3EA9770%40phx.gbl%3E?c=1463409990&k=%7C487468800/cv/HfPqESj
заметка Гостиный Двор, Рыбный пер., 2, секция 130-132
Джимми Котвани
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New Member, alexau, will be joining us in Moscow!
Set for St. Petersburg!
June 24.
Friday AskAndy Event 1- 3
Imperial Tailors
191025, Russia, St. Petersburg,
ul. Marat, d. 14
Phone: +7 (812) 702-6212
the E-mail address: [email protected]
See everyone here today, Wednesday June 15 at 1 PM!:

Imperial Tailoring Co.
109012, Russia, Moscow,
Gostiny Dvor, Fish Lane., D. 2, section 130-132
Phone: + 7 (495) 232 1441 E-mail address: [email protected]
Very interesting day at Imperial Tailors. Their shop is spectacular. Hope to put up info and photos later today after we explore the Moscow Metro!

But had to post a huge THANK YOU to iLarry who without his navigational skills we wouldn't have made it there or back! He met us at the ship and got us to the tailor. iLarry's English is great and he has some wonderful stories about his family and his travels.

More later!
1 - 10 of 17 Posts
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