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AskAndy Forum Member Meeting — Montreal, Canada

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Montreal is really beautiful. Great history, architecture, men's shops, and restaurants!

We met with AskAndy Forum Member, Barrister & Solicitor. And yes he is an attorney!
I'm always amazed at those folks who can speak several languages fluently (and in Barrister & Solicitor's case - really fluently)! Where I'm still struggling with English.

And here's a super first: He took my wife and I to dinner! THANK YOU!!!

Reuben's, Montreal's Premier Deli & Steakhouse™

1116 Sainte-Catherine W.
Montreal, Qc H3B 1H4

Situated right in the heart of the city's vibrant and bustling downtown core, Reuben's™ is the place for Montreal-style smoked meat and the finest selection of steaks around.
When it comes to smoked meat at Reuben's™, tradition is respected, if not revered. The time-honoured art of hand carving is a mainstay here, a method employed since our very inception.

Housed in a warm atmosphere of art-deco sensibility with a tip of the hat to Jazz, your stay will surely be a memorable one and unlike any before it. A casual vibe has been set and a welcoming smile awaits you.

Reuben's™ has stood the test of time due to a long history steeped in the basics of superior quality, great service and generous portions. Considered by many as a cornerstone to Montreal's diverse restaurant scene, Reuben's™ is fast approaching its 40th year of operation with no signs of slowing down.

Our waiter at the right, has to be the funniest, but most efficient waiter ever!
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