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AskAndy Event Omaha Nebraska July 7

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I know we have events scheduled for London, Barcelona and Madrid (see other Events threads) and next year Scotland and the Elba River, so why not Omaha, Nebraska?

My wife and I are volunteering to work the Seniors PGA Tournament! No I will not be playing! :icon_smile:

We're staying near downtown so any suggestions for a nice bar in which to meet on Sunday July 7 ?

Our past Omaha Events have all been at the Dundee Bar.
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July? That is past tornado season, isn't it?:cry:
From the look of that menu, a pair of expandable trousers might be a good idea, too.:icon_smile_big: Man, I could do some serious damage to their duck dishes.
Well then, should I ever be in Omaha, I'll look it up.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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