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AskAndy Event Omaha Nebraska July 7

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I know we have events scheduled for London, Barcelona and Madrid (see other Events threads) and next year Scotland and the Elba River, so why not Omaha, Nebraska?

My wife and I are volunteering to work the Seniors PGA Tournament! No I will not be playing! :icon_smile:

We're staying near downtown so any suggestions for a nice bar in which to meet on Sunday July 7 ?

Our past Omaha Events have all been at the Dundee Bar.
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We're staying downtown so the Old Market area would be close.

I've had these suggested venues:

M's Pub in the Old Market, Brix in Midtown Crossing. The Side Door on Leavenworth.

Here are a couple of bar/restaurants that open earlier. Stokes Bar and Grill opens at 10:00 and La Buvette opens at 11:30 Both are in the Old Market.

Anyone familiar with them or other suggestions? And what time?

July? That is past tornado season, isn't it?:cry:
Way past tornado season unless they get an unseasonable tornado. It's the hot and humid season in July.
What? No one in Omaha is admitting knowing any bars!

How about any of these?
How about M's Pub.
422 S. 11th Street
Omaha, NE 68102

At 5 PM on Sunday July 7.

I may wear a sport jacket but no necktie.
We'll see everyone in a couple of hours.
M's Pub.
422 S. 11th Street
Omaha, NE 68102

At 5 PM on Sunday July 7.
Looking forward to meeting you.

Great meeting you! We all had a fun time. I'll try to put up a photo later today. Perfect pub with really good food.
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