Announcing the Portland, Oregon Ask Andy Event
John Helmer Haberdasher Inc.
Invites you to meet Andy Gilchrist
Author of The Encyclopedia of Men's Clothes
And AskAndy Forum Moderator "Oldsarge"
From 4 to 6 PM
Friday August 18, 2017
969 SW Broadway
Portland OR 97205
503-223-4976 voice
503-223-8451 fax

And here we are with Oldsarge and John Helmer III
in one of the most beautiful and well stocked men's haberdashers ever!
If you can't make it into the store look at their website
for a full range of great hats, clothing and shoes!

Steve Reinhart, Alden Representative for the Western USA and Asia Pacific, brought additional samples not normally carried and answered questions about John Helmer's great selection of Alden Shoes
For Alden stores in your area go to

Here is "some_dude" (he's the tall gentleman to my left)!
Enjoying some refreshments with some_dude and Oldsarge!

Mark taking advantage of Steve's
advice and purchasing some great
looking Alden shoes.

Milt looking at the vast shirt fabric choices offered by Helman's made to measure program.

127.72 MHz arrives to provide some excellent marketing suggestions to Steve.

Jim all the way from Seattle

Kathy and Alex, very knowledgeable sales people at Helmer's!

Last men standing: Andy, 127.72 MHz, Steve Reinhart, Oldsarge and John Helmer III