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AskAndy Europe Tour September 2016

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Next month I'll be in these cities! Anyone like to meet for a beer?

Amsterdam (embark) September 6, 2016
Frankfurt (Heidelberg or Frankfurt)
Nuremberg, cruising the Main-Danube Canal
Kelheim, Regensburg
Passau, cruising the Danube River
Vidin, cruising the Danube River
Rousse (Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanassi or Rousse and Ivanovo)
Giurgiu, transfer to Bucharest
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Will be in the UK.
However, Bamberg is a really great place for a beer. They specialise in smoked beers - 'Rauch' beer and the town is very traditional.

Germany, France and Belgium are not on my list of places to go at the moment.

Amsterdam has a very good bar for beer In der Wildeman

Good tips!

Never had a bad beer in either the Netherlands or Germany!

But just coming back from Russia and last year touring Turkey, Israel (where rockets prevented one of our tours!), Jordon, Egypt, Oman and UAE - I think we'll be OK. :)

I've had some good e-mail response from about 6 Members so far. We'll try to meet depending on the final schedule.
Best dressed guy in Wachau, Austria (on the ferry).

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1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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