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What are you favorite brands?????

What would reply the average Joe in your country? I am only talking about classic stuffs of course (no tracksuits or jeans)

In Paris =

Boss (i hate this brand). People who wear thes shoes and think they have the best shoes in the world are really ridiculious!

Polo (i don't like this brand as their sirts are crap and they are famous only because of the advertising, not because their quality)

Cerruti (I don't like this brand). People who think their expensive shoddy fused suit is the best in the world are fruitcakes!

Armani (I don't like). Too expensive and too in fashion.

Versace (I hate this brand). Tacky and too expensive.

Kenzo (I don't like this brand). Self styled in fashion.

Weston (I like up to a point). Not too bad but not confortable.

Almost NO ONE will tell you about Charvet, H&K (I discovered by chance in London and after here), Isaia (I discovered it here), Oxford (I discovered here), Kiton (I discovered it here)...

The average Joe is ready for clothing suicide!
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