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Ask Andy New Mexico Meet

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Hey guys, there seem to be a decent number of members in the Land of Enchantment now, so what do you say to meeting up sometime this year? I would ideally say Albuquerque or Santa Fe as the meeting point, since they are the hubs of cultural sophistication or something like that in New Mexico.

There are not many big menswear shops in either city, sadly. The three well known, locally owned ones I've checked out here in Abq are a bit limited in selection to generic Italian named brands. They sadly don't sell anything we know and love besides the occasional Gitman shirt, though they have outsourced MTM programs at least.

That said, why not meet anyway? We can erm, attempt to look cool and gentlemanly and all that jazz at one of the nice little cafés in either city and just have a walk around the historic districts. I'm not asking for this to happen in summer, as even cotton and linen suits can be a little much to go around on foot all day. Perhaps when it cools down in fall?

Just trying to gauge some interest here. Sadly, I keep forgetting to set a time to grab a drink with RMBantista, who lives right here with me in the city! For two years at that... inexcusable. Sorry man. But I have seen a few well dressed men around who may be him. Hm... :biggrin:

Let me know your thoughts, NM members.
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