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Enough with the polite s**t! Let's do limericks. Let's get rowdy.

There once was a boy who dressed trad
Who thought that eyetee's were too rad
With madras and bucks
He said "ma'm aw shucks!
Proper pant length is plain bad"

To all you sack-wearing old farts:
A jacket is meant to have darts.
You don't need a drape
But give it some shape
If you want your looks to have smarts

When visting Boston, I tried
To see fashion statements outside
But Boston Brahmins
With their flapping hems
Signalled 'dig for fresh clams at low tide'

They thought that I came from the moon
When I said that am trad looks jejune
Seersucker and bow
Is fine corn to hoe
Or if trying to look like a prune
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