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I'm looking to add a "nice" pair of rubber-soled Bluchers to my collection, for "business casual" wear.

I'd looking at Alden's Barrie last. I understand AE's Ashton comes the closest to the Barrie last?

Specifically, I'm looking at:
-- Allen-Edmonds Ashton ($315)
-- Alden 9432S, Plain-Toe Blucher ($346)
-- Alden 946, Welterweight All-Weather Walker ($394)
-- Alden 947, Plain-Toe All-Weather Walker ($402)
-- Alden 965, Norwegian-Toe, All-Weather Walker ($436)

I'd pull the removable insole from the Ashton and replace it with a full-length PowerStep or PowerStep Pinnacle insole.
With the Aldens, depending on the arch support, I might add a 3/4-length PowerStep SlimTech insert.

If you have experience with any of these, I'd love to hear your advice!

What is the difference between Alden's 9432S and 946 Welterweight?! Just the outsoles?

Are the non-welterweight All-Weather Walkers really that heavy?! I have a pair of AE Wilberts, and think them heavy. Are the AWWs heavier?!

I hear some complain that the AWW's crepe soles wear out too fast. Or that the 9432S's hard-rubber "commando" sole can be slick on wet surfaces.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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