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Dear All:

I have been reading the posts on this forum for a while and have found it to be a fairly instructive and engaging experience. I have always made a conscious effort to dress well - even at times when I could not afford to - and pay considerable attention to detail and how everything comes together to the extent that my friends feel that I am excessively finicky. I currently work in the arena of corporate finance in the Middle East and feel dressing slightly better than your peer group does yield certain intangible benefits! However the question I have is about Armani. Now I know most things Armani are not as good as they should be and feel you are paying an abnormally high premium for the brand. I know I will never buy my shirts from Armani certainly not after the bespoke experience! However, I have to say that the Armani cut in their suits fits me rather nicely and I don't quite understand why Armani suits are not so highly regarded on this forum. Since everyone has such good knowledge of the topics discussed here I am convinced that I am missing something and failed to identify the shortcomings of an Armani suit. I have tried suits by Zegna but the cut makes me look "boxy" and thus keep reverting to some of the Armani cuts which suit someone with my build rather well. I am 171 cm with an atletic build. Any suggestions on other brands I can try for suits except bespoke which I cannot afford!

Many Thanks!
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