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I am getting married soon, and am looking on different resale websites for used Armani tux jackets, and have come across some different types. What/when was the Classico line available ?
Which years/models of Armani tux jackets are cut longer than others, or are all one-buttons the same ? (i like shorter)
If a jacket has silk buttons that are round (as opposed to the squarer ones seen on new jackets), then roughly how old is it ?
And the big question: Are all Armani black tux jackets tailored, and go in at the waist (if it is a smaller size, like I am) ? I do hope so, as that's the quality I really dig about them.
I had the (mis-!)fortune of trying on a brand new one-button Armani tux in a store, and now of course am convinced it is the best looking jacket I've ever put on. It's way out of our budget new, however. I wish not to just look dressed-up, but sharp for my wedding.
Have Armanis always characteristically been made with smaller armholes ? I love that about them.
Anyway, any knowledge anyone can impart will help me in my quest. I still have a couple months. Oh yeah, which is best --cummerbund, suspenders, neither, or both ? I plan to have a classic med. to large black bowtie, and either a wingtip or reg. collared white shirt with onyx studs. Going for as "classic" as possible.
Thanks so much.
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