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Question from a prospective new Ask Andy Member:

In the 1950's I had 6 pair of corduroy slacks which I hung by their cuffs. I cannot find the cuff hangers any more.

They were called Press-To-Lock.

They were made from a single length of strong metal wire bent to an outline shape of a clamping hanger, and had a thin rubber tube slipped over each end of each side of the hanger clamp (total 4 rubber tubes) so that the cuffs were gripped by most of their length so as to avoid grip marks.

The locking mechanism was a tiny circle of that same heavy wire around where the two halves came up to the hook top.

To hang the pants, the area above that point was squeezed and the that moved the gripping sides apart. Then when the cuffs were inserted the two sides were squeezed together and pressure applied.

It held any thickness of material even if thickly cuffed. The area in the center where seams make the cuffs thicker had lots of space so pants were not held by the seam if that was a thick area, as many wooden clamp hangers do.

Are Press-To-Lock hangers still made?

- Kirke​

I found this photo on Pinterest.

Can anyone here help Kirke?

Are there any similar alternatives to Press-to-Lock hangers?

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The Container Store and Bed, Bath and Beyond stores sell the type of hangers described in the OP. I have not tried the offerings of the Container Store, but have used the BB & B trouser hangers. As mentioned above, they did/do tend to loose their grip over time. ;)
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