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Are my suits OK? (Photos)

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I recently purchased 2 made to measure suits from a very reputable Japanese retailer (hanabishi). To be honest, I don't know what to think. Admittedly, I'm quite new to menswear and, aside from a couple tailor made suits I got in Vietnam, have little idea as to what a proper fitting suit is supposed to look like.

Some background: I'm looking to embark upon a sales career and searched for a well-wearing material that could put up with some heavy use. I found a couple material samples that I really liked. The store measured me and about 3 weeks later, delivered these suits to my house personally. At that time I didn't have the time to try them on (I know, I know). The pants fit absolutely perfectly but as for the jacket, it strikes me as a bit big and bulky. I understand that the material over the abdomen is supposed to "give" to the size of one passes this test alright, but I'm in pretty good shape and I feel that I look a bit pudgy in these suits.

I guess what I'm looking for here are some honest opinions. How do these look? If I bring them back to the tailors, what alterations should I request?

Thank you
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I never like to say negative things about tailors for fear of people perceiving me as to be "talking up my own book" but I quite shocked at the suit. I would really would return the jacket (if possible) I would suggest that the jacket has been made for someone with a chest at least 2 inches larger than yours. The shoulders are far too big as is everything about the jacket. Frontal creasing is a testiment to the panels being too big. The arm holes are too big so you will never get that waist supression that is characteristic of a tailored suit. I am sorry for the negative comments on this but my honest advice would be to ask the tailor to start again. I wouldnt allow this out of my workshop I am afraid.
I think old fashioned Asian tailors assume that you want your suit to be huge with big shoulders because small Asian folks like to look bigger than they are (hey I'm Asian I can say this).

With that mentality, they just make things way bigger. I wear a size
36-38S (depending on the brand) and my first MTM suits from South Korea when I didn't know better had to have been at least a size 40.
I largely agree with this assertion. People are so lured into buying cheap suits with out thinking of the style. They make for guys with differing tastes to ones own and as you say asian tailors cut very differently to a UK tailor or a US one. I think one day people will stop being duped by the cheap price suits purchased when abroad and have a flight to quality but it never happens... the lure of the fictitional cashmere cloth snares the unsuspecting everytime...
yes its somewhat loose. cant tell from the pics.
what stands out to me is that you have a right low shoulder and it was not fitted for that. thats the reason the right side looks bad.
oh! right hip higher and heavier too.
I think its purely as the jacket is to big it is sitting off centre to the body hence on the wearers left side there is a gape at the neck and the left sleeve slightly shorter and gives the impression of a shoulder and hip issue but I think the jacket is playing havoc with his look purely as it is huge.
Good work, please let us know how the second results turn out.. but good on you for going back and complaining. Fingers crossed round 2 gets you the results you want!
Sorry to say this but do you really need to ask if it looks good

It looks awful and I have to wonder how you could even walk out of a tailors shop with such a shoody suit.

Look at this post on style forum if you want an example of how a suit should look
Although for a magazine shoot they look stylish (from the front) I would describe those as over tailored. Waist supression is one thing but its corset-esque displayed here.
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