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Aprons and Grilling (and a recipe)

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Now that grilling season is upon us here in the Northeastern U.S. (or would be, if the rain would stop) I am looking for a good source of aprons. Does anyone have any suggestions as to styles/brands? I need something fairly long, preferably of canvas duck or a similar fabric.

And in repsonse to a question in another thread which I don't want to derail:

Haystack: your dark beer brine sounds excellent. I will give it a shot this weekend. I've adapted mine from the Chez Panisse Cookbook: 4 pounds or so of pork loin, equal parts kosher salt/sugar by weight (3-4 ozs.) in approx. a gallon of water, whole black peppercorns, herbes de Provence, bay leaves, paprika, half an onion (chopped), one carrot (sliced). I keep it in the brine for three days, bring it to room temperature, and then grill.


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