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I've only shopped at Walmart, AE, GAP, and Campus Crew for the past years, and I've been wanting to know where other people can get better shirts. Like not at the Bay or anything.

I've been looking for shirts that have button downs, and cuffs that have 1 or two buttons beside each other, not the other button below them... and the collar where the top button is to not have a pointed part.. just a round one is good enough (same with the cuffs)

Anyone know?? I like plaid, plain solid colors, and shirts for like weddings, funerals, and or for dates and school... that would just be the best for me.

I'm really not interested in the kinds that have prints on the shirts. Also the ones that are able to be washed and can withstand the washing machine (top loader) and some that can shrink down an inch so then it could be my size...

Anyone know what is the best places?? like in K/W.

If anyone knows, please reply back :) thanks.

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