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@Oktober - When there's no brand information available, one potential way to track down the brand, is to do a RN look-up (Registered Number).

That can be done here:

RN 83427 is registered to "NORTHERN COMFORT CORP." out of New York.

Doing a bit more investigative work, I found the company above is related to Ballin, "a Canadian manufacturer of quality mens dress trousers, casual trousers and custom made sport shirts." (reference)

Here is Ballin's website:

Can't say for sure whether or not they are still making the dress pants you purchased at Winners in Canada, but you could call/email them to find out.

In looking at their website, it looks as though they only sell through stores/partners.

Their footer still shows "2016", so not sure how current the information on the website is.

There is a contact form & email on the site, so I'd recommend sending them a link to the post here, so they can see the photos, and maybe they'll be able to point you to the same item, or at least something similar.

Good luck :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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