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Anyone else baking?

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I think I'll bake up a loaf of whole wheat sandwich tomorrow.
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Oooo do you use a break maker or do you do this another way? My nan used to make bread and it was THE BEST smell ever! As a kid I was always annoyed that it was smaller than normal loaves!

I really want a bread maker for our kitchen, but they're really big aren't they? My kitchen is quite company and sleek in finish (like these ones) so I'm not sure if a big bulky bread maker would fit? I just remember my nan's being HUGE! are they still like that?
Can't help you with bread makers as I don't use them. I use this and bake this recipe most often. It tastes good and is incredibly easy and fast. Why? I'm lazy.
My friend, you have done it again, inciting me to go out and make another purchase for the kitchen and (in all probability) earning me another one of those "what have you done now" looks from SWMBO. You may be assured I am going to tell her you made me do this! LOL. :amazing:
Yeah? Wait 'til she bites into a well buttered slab of that bread fresh from the cloche. Next thing you know she'll be taking credit for it.
Our 21 year-old grandson has a birthday tomorrow and my wife has made a chocolate brownie tort with strawberries for him. I've put in my request for the same for my birthday in 2 weeks.
Does she do FedEx?
I have fake. Up driving the bread machine about every other day. Originally to make the various sandwich breads. I've now added baguettes and Parker house rolls. King Arthur is awesome as are the Emile Henry bakers. You can do far better than the store with a bit of effort. You'll know you're serious when you buy yeast by the pound and not in packets
True, KA's 2 lb. bag is a little much for someone who lives alone, but the 16 oz. with canister? Yeah! I think it's time for another No-Knead boule to go along with the braised lamb neck bones and the white beans tonight.
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