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anybody know what this style of suit is called ?

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I am trying to find a certain style of suit jacket but cannot find it ANYWHERE, largely because I don't know what to call it. The jacket has one button on the shoulder (the lapel can be buttoned over onto this button or can be left unbottoned), and then a number of buttons on the body of the jacket, all of them (the buttons on the body and on the jacket) being on one side of the jacket (ie, the buttons are all on the left side or the right side -- not in the center). Usually, there is just the one shoulder button and three buttons on the body (the buttons are just like the center-located buttons on normal jackets -- just shifted to one side or the other). Can anybody point me towards a name or dealer ? If you want a picture, the only time I've seen it on TV and know how to tell you to find it is by pointing you towards, of all things, a cartoon (I work in TV) called Cowboy Bebop -- the main character (guy with green hair) wears something very similar to what I'm looking for, I think -- there's a picture at -- the thing the guy in blue is wearing is like what I am looking for (the large lapel in the suit button over onto the shoulder). I hope I have been somewhat clear and not made an ass of myself,
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