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Finally a place for women who care about clothing and not fashion. I love it already.

I am planning to go to London in the end of august, and I wonder if anybody could give me some good advise on where to shop. After seven years of studying, I'm finally starting working, and my wardrobe needs a total update. I actually need about everything, save for a very formal pinstripe business suit (which brought me through the interview and landed my job). What I've thought about is the following:
* A good quality, grayish tweed jacket or similar to be worn with skirts and shirts and woolen sweathers.
* A pair of nice boots (the scandinavian climate requires boots in the winter). Size 41.
* A nice, long winter coat.
* Good quality cotton shirts that actually fits..
* Some nice office shoes... (I'm not into the Manolos either, Jill.. a pair of decent loafers will do).

I do not have much money at the moment, and I don't even think I can afford to buy all of this at once, so it will definately be ready-to-wear purchases. Do anyone have any advices for which shops that might be worth a peer?

Oh - is the end of august too early for autumn/winter shopping in London anyway?

In advance thanks for all suggestions!

Best regards,
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