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Dear Folks:

Lately I have come into possession of a large number of shirts from The Shirt Store.

The Shirt Store, for those of you out of NYC, is a store located on 44th and Vanderbilt, I believe, next to Grand Central Station. Price points on the RTW are 65-95, MTM 100-140, custom up to 200, according to the website. They publish a newsletter and are a little clubby, not unlike this forum; they seem to have the loyalty of many businessmen who get written up in the newsletter when they have purchased their 100th (or in some cases, 200th) shirt.

The shirt fabrics are quite nice, the styling conservative -- plain point and modified spread collars. Most shirts have French cuffs.

I think they have shrunk to my size, but many duplicate other shirts I already have.

Does anyone have any experience with The Shirt Store shirts?
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