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Some very good suggestions! I would suggest you should also be mindful of whether you would prefer a worsted flannel for wear and longevity or a woolen flannel for look, character and texture.

In terms of makers, I'm personally very partial to Lesser's Golden Bale, but it is very dear. Fox and Smith have some exceptional choices. Harrison's is certainly worth exploring. The Minnis flannels tend to be a bit rough, but very striking and very classic. The Holland and Sherry Victory range gets mixed reviews. Inasmuch I have never personally had anything made from that book, I hesitate to weigh in but if you're look at H&S you might want to consider these as well.

Keep in mind that most of these offerings only come in a specific weight, so if you are looking for a very precise weight (say a 13 ounce wooolen), your options might be more limited.

In any event, there are some wonderful possibilities out there. Let us know what you eventually decide.
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