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Because of my size (17*37) 6'6" I get all of my clothes made for me. I used mohan in NY and the shirt guy in the Taj Hotel in Mumbai. Now I need a great shirt and suit guy in DC.

I have searched all of the forums and have been a member here for quite sometime, so I figured I would explain what I want.

I need a great shirt guy, I am used to spending up to 150 a shirt (I was very happy with Mohan quality). I also need a sport jacket and suit guy and would prefer to not spend more then 1500 a suit. I can get my own fabric if that makes such a difference. I know about the saville guy in Georgetown, but his prices are a wee high.

Perhaps we can create a single comprehensive list of top tier DC shops and visitors that need to be looked at.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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