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Another can-I-wear-this-suit-jacket-as-a-blazer question (with photos)

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Hello, Everyone.

While I know that this issue has been addressed previously, I wanted to post some photos (below) of a navy wool suit separate jacket I recently purchased at a very attractive price. I very much like the way the jacket fits, but the matching pants are absolutely massive (this is the subject of another thread). Could this jacket work as an informal blazer to be worn with chinos (not with the jeans in the photos)? The weave is fairly fine, and there is a very slight sheen to the fabric. Might it work if I changed the buttons?

Thank you.


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Change the buttons and add 1/4" stitching and you have a blazer. I have a few sets of vintage buttons. If you would like to see them, send me an Email
[email protected]

Paul Winston
Hi, Paul.

Thanks for your response. Forgive my ignorance, but where would the 1/4" stitching you refer to be applied?

Thanks again,

Edit: OP, I meant to put the following reply in your other thread (about altering the baggy trousers). This is what happens to me when people post two separate-but related-threads in quick succession. I go back and forth and get mental whiplash. Anyway, here's my response to your other question:

If you bought the trousers as "separates," can you return them for a refund? You won't need them if you are going to turn the jacket into a blazer.

If you can get a refund, then use the proceeds-plus whatever else you would have spent slimming down the trousers-to buy a pair of wool trousers that are either medium-gray or tan. If you can swing it, buy both colors-then you'll have two complementary things to wear with your new blazer.

Even if you can't get a refund, it might make sense in the long run to regard the trousers as a lost cause provided you didn't spend too much on them-should you convert the jacket to a blazer, you'll be much better off with gray and/or tan trousers in your wardrobe than navy blue ones.
Thank you for your suggestions and sorry about the multiple threads. The trousers can be returned or exchanged for grey.
Thank you all for your responses. It's really appreciated.

I actually have another question: I ordered the jacket in short and regular. The jacket in the photo is short. I know that many people here have a negative view of overly short jackets. I'll post some photos of the regular jacket and would love your input on which looks right.

Thanks again.
Here I've included three photos: one of the short jacket (shown earlier) from the back/side, a similar photo for the regular jacket, and a front-facing photo for the regular jacket.

The regular jacket covers my bum. The short almost covers my bum. Aside from current trend considerations, I'm drawn to the short jacket because I have proportionally short legs (I'm 5'10" with 29.5" inseam), and I thought it would give a more balanced look. What do you all think is the better choice?

Thanks, again!

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No apology necessary--I was only kvetching because I like to kvetch.

Refund? Good. But don't do an exchange if the next pair of trousers will be just as loose as the first. Look for another maker entirely. Lands' End?
OK. Kvetching is allowed. You're right--it would be better to find pants that require fewer alterations. Thanks again.
I like the longer one a little more, but the shorter one isn't bad.

In order for me to decide for sure, I'd need to see you wearing each jacket with well-fitting chinos or wool trousers, and with the camera farther away.
I have some chinos on order. The only other option right now are some five-pocket pants (which have a fairly low rise). Let me see if I can post some new photos later.
OK. Here are some better photos (I need some better pants, but this is what's available right now). First two are regular, second two are short. I think that the short looks better from the front, but that the regular looks better from the side :)

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I agree. It looks like wool serge, which is a classic fabric for suits as well as blue blazers. For that reason it will work, especially with brass buttons (though other options can work too).
This is something I was wondering about as well. The jacket is certainly not as textured as most other blazers out there that I have seen. The close-up photo does show some texture, but I would say that it's not very clearly noticeable from a significant distance. You can see the weave from a distance, but it's definitely more subtle than what I've seen on your typical sportscoat, for example.

Does this change the verdict? Hope not!
That's normal, even for a classic blazer. A blazer's texture does not need to grab and shake the observer and say "Look at me!"

A blazer is a blazer; it is not a "typical sportcoat." Accordingly, it need not have much texture.
OK. Thanks. I understand
BTW, just for my education, what specifically about the shorter jacket led you to conclude that the fit was inferior to the regular jacket? Obviously, it's shorter. Was it more the length in the front or in the back, or simply that the regular length was in keeping with a classic, timeless style while the short one was a little too fashion-forward?

Thank you!
And another question (since you guys have really been so helpful to a newbie!): could this same trick work with a light grey version of the same jacket as well (Grey blazers seem a bit less common)? If not, I would be grateful if you could please explain why. Thanks, again!
Thanks for all this valuable info, Charles. Yes, my initial thought was to match navy trousers with the light grey jacket.

Here's another (hopefully final) question if you, or anyone else, doesn't mind: Regarding, the navy could you suggest some button styles other than traditional brass or other very old-school buttons? I'd like something a bit more contemporary but without being outlandish. The current buttons seem to be black/very dark blue with subtle light swirls. I can include a photo tonight. One person suggested that I could even retain these buttons. Thank you once again.
Thank you again. Very helpful comments.
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