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Scott Anderson "weighs" in...

I have had every compliment, question, comment and criticism of our website, our product, and even my and my Father's personal touch with our customers. But I have to take a moment to update all of you on the number one topic that comes up over and over again.

Why do we ask for weight on our website?

This was a unique question my Father in his infinite wisdom required us to have on the website. He rightly predicted that the one thing EVERYONE seems to love to avoid is admitting what they actually weigh.

This simple question has avoided the wrong size being sent to countless customers. My Father personally inspects every order before it is sent to be shipped and if your measurements don't fit the size you've requested, he or I call you to tell you.

We recently had a customer who we phoned with such a concern. After telling me I was crazy and he knew his size better than we did, I told him I would send him the size we recommended. If it did not fit, I would send him the size he ordered and give it to him free of charge.

He called me several days later and told me the jacket we sent fit him perfectly and asked me to thank my Father.

At Anderson-Little, we're not just selling garments, we're not just making clothing here in America and providing jobs, we're putting our customers where they need to be--front and center.

I'm pleased to report that sales are clipping along nicely, and my Father and I couldn't be happier. In a world where every dollar counts more than ever, our customers know that Anderson-Little stands for exceptional value.

Thank you to everyone from this site who has already purchased a jacket from us. My Father and I sincerely look forward to personally serving many more of you in the future with our fine American made Classic Blue Blazer.

I also want to take a moment to renew my pledge made in these threads. Any man who is unemployed and who cannot afford one of our jackets but who needs one to look his best and feel his best while he looks for work may contact me personally.

As those of you who followed my threads starting in November know, I saw this economic mess coming, dreaded its arrival, and am now personally doing what I can to help get us out of it.

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^^Is the prospect of an Anderson Little sack design, with a 3/2 roll (even a a higher price point), still under consideration? Is such a future possibility? I would also like to observe that it is company philosophies and customer focus, such as those demonstrated by Anderson Little, that provide comfort in the knowledge that we will soon see the end of this current recession! Thanks for that.
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