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Dear Matt,

I'm writing this letter to address a largely unfulfilled desire: mine, AAAC's, and yours as well.

Over time, we've seen a handful of Forum folks take the plunge and produce merchandise aimed at "folks like us," those who appreciate 1930s quality and design. I applaud their moxie. Not having seen the wares in person, I can't judge them fairly. However …

Several days ago, you paid a visit to my neck of the woods (and dazzled my 8 month-old daughter, but that's another story). You wore a new suit that was made for your own custom clothing label: "Matt Deckard Apparel." And all I can say is …

WOW. Just WOW.

Now, I'm an amateur. I'm no Manton. I've written no books on suits. Nonetheless, I'm a pretty experienced dilettante: some spectacular vintage Savile Row bespoke suits have passed through my hands, not to mention several $6,000+ outfits made by Raphael Raffaelli, one of NYC's top three bespoke tailors. I've examined these suits minutely before selling them off to others. In 20 years of high-end vintage menswear collecting, then, I've learned a thing or two about the best of the best. And that's where your suit comes in.

Matt, no foolin': this is one of the very best suits, vintage or contemporary, I've seen at any price. The fit, fabric, construction, silhouette, lining, buttons, buttonhole work, and dozens of minute details are just outstanding. I'm not surprised: some of this country's great menswear stylists of the past -Eddie Schmidt and Sy Devore come to mind- were not tailors and couldn't even sew, but man! did they design and 'midwife' superb suits. I don't say this lightly: you're rapidly moving into their league. Keep it up, and you'll satisfy a desire that's presently unmet: the desire for menswear that fully lives up to -or better yet, surpasses- the 1930s' best.

And now, a request.

Matt, please help me share with everyone here the suit that I saw several days ago. Show the details that I was able to scrutinize. Let the men of AAAC see for themselves what I was able to verify: that you've exceeded their expectations - and even yours.

Post detailed photos in the Forum, Matt … and soon. You've met your goal. It's time.



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