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Just got the new issue of "Shoe Wrap", the A-E magazine. These are the top twenty sellers. I've put a description after each. Shoes that have been "feature shoes" at the outlets this year, selling for $179 for so and probably doing more volume as a result, have an asterisk after their names.

1) Park Avenue, Black (Cap-toe bal. Is anybody surprised?)
2) Nashua, Black/Brown (Two-tone rubber-sole tassel loafer)
3) Maxfield, Chili (Tassel loafer, leather sole, some weaving)
4) Hancock, Black (Norwegian blucher, leather sole)
5) Fairfax, Chestnut (Wholecut perf wingtip)
6) Hillcrest, Black (Bicycle toe leather sole)
7) Wilbert, Brown (Casual Norwegian Blucher)
8) Stockbridge, Chili* (Rubber Sole Norwegian)
9) Stockbridge, Black
10) Walden, Burgundy (Penny Loafer, leather sole)
11) Park Avenue, Merlot
12) Maxfield, Black
13) Hastings, Chili (Wholecut perf)
14) Randolf, Black (I think this is Randolph, a penny loafer)
15) Walden, Black
16) Byron, Black (Cap-toe brogued leather sole)
17) Grayson, Black (Another tassel loafer)
18) Hancock, Brown
19) Hillcrest, Chestnut*
20) Fairfax, Black

So the wholecuts are winners and won't be seen on the clearance rack any time soon!

And there are some neat new shoes:

* A Park Avenue/Byron-style shoe with perfing on the cap. Think traditional bal meets C&J Weymouth.

* A wingtip closed-lace shoe with a woven vamp. This is beautiful.

* A slimmer bicycle-toe variant.


"When you wear something like spats, I think you might as well wear your favorite players jersey bc what youre saying is I want to be powerful like the bear and Im wearing its hide to tap into its power." - Film Noir Buff

"First sense of what "normal" good clothes looked like came from my dad, of course, and from Babar books." - Concordia

" I have a related problem in that I often have to chase people. Leather soles are no good for this kind of work." - Patrick06790
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