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Alternative to Polo Ralph Lauren?

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I have always liked Polo Ralph Lauren for their shirts, jackets, pants etc because:

a) The fabric is of a high quality and long lasting.
b) The fabric is supple and soft to the touch. It feels great on my skin and between my fingers.
c) The style and cut fits my body shape (typically slim and athletic).

However, what I dont like (anymore) is the Polo logo on almost each item (chest logo).

I am looking for another brand which fulfills a), b) and c) without any visual logos. Can anyone recommend something?

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I also like Polo style and quality but am not crazy about the logo on everything. Brooks Brothers still has some nice button downs.
For chinos, polos and shirts that are fairly comparable to Polo in terms of quality and are of traditional style, Orvis has some nice offerings.
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