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alternative to Loake L1's (in terms of price)?

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I've bought some L1 Loakes.

However having done the research after purchasing I think I've made a mistake.

Having worn perfectly comfortable rubber sold shoes fo shoes time I thought I'd splash out (it's a fair amount of money for me!) on some Loake L1's. I normally spend £40 on shoes. The L1's were £80.

So tell me for a similar price what shoes would be better?

Very much appreciated.

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The Grenson Rushden range is made in India unfortunately and isn't up to much at all. You might check Jacksonshoes on eBay as they sometimes have fantastic offers on the Grenson Rose Collection shoes-made in this country to a very high standard and a totally different proposition. They used to sell them for £99 a pair at times.

I think you'll find the Sanders very good value for money.

The Barker is on a very square-shaped last that I find very unattractive in person but you might think competely differently. Do try and see an example of another shoe on that last before you buy, though.

Have you thought of mail order via the Northampton factory shops if you can't get there in person? You'll get much better deals from Barker and C&J etc that way. You might even get a pair of Barker Handcrafted collection shoes as a discontinued model from either the factory shop or the Regent Street store. The 396 last is great.

Hope that helps a little,

Thanks Chris, we spoke about this some year(s) ago!

Thanks for the many tips, there was a shoe in the Grenson Rose collection that i did really like, so I shall keep a look out. But one thing I want to do is head to a shop first and get fitted before looking to buy online, not just for Grenson's, but for all.

I'll try and have a look at the Barker shoe in person. When you mention their store for buying discontinued shoes, is that because Barker are known for heavily discounting, or, are other brands with retail stores also equally likely to have similar discounts?

Most importantly, I cannot seem to find any mail order links for the Northamptonshire stores themselves. I've had a search and a Google, but apologies if it's obvious and I have missed it.

Many thanks

C&J and Barker don't make a big thing about their factory shops but the best thing to do is just ring the main factories or email them through their websites. That's what I've always done anyhow.

The Barker shop does always have a large sale section right at the back with several discontinued models in it. Whether there is something that will suit in your size is an entirely different matter of course. Still, at least as you say you can try things for size there and then get in touch with factory shop to see what they have etc. If you can take a Friday and go to Northants, though, it'll certainly give you the best chance of finding what you want.

All the best again,

Thanks - Yes having had a chat with a shoe shop it seems that having struggled through the recession Alfred Sargent have now decided to go more expensive and have cut all their previous entry-level shoes. Though Pediwear still stock:
You're welcome. Yes Alfred Sargent has taken the brand in a new, up-market direction to compete directly with Crockett & Jones and Church's but it's a shame they have stopped producing their more affordable models.
You might want to take a look at the new Barker store on Jermyn Street but it only has their good stuff such as the Handcrafted and Anniversary lines but they might have some shoes on discount.
Also, check out this website:
I'm not affiliated with them but I have bought from them. They are based in England and sell shoes bought from the Northamptonshire factory stores for very good prices. I have bought Crockett & Jones seconds from them before with no issues in quality.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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