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Hi all, first post. I'm sure this has been asked before, but the forum search is down right now ("SQL timeout??") so here goes.

I bought my one-and-only suit way back in '99. My body shape has changed (fortunately, for the better!) since then. I wear this thing probably once a year, if even that. I have a wedding in a few weeks so I tried 'er on today.

Good news - I can still put it on without ripping it or feeling uncomfortable.
Bad news - Doesn't hang well. Coat needs to be taken in, and the pants are a little dumpy.
Worse news - I've developed a severe distate for pleated pants, and these were pleated probably because I was a bit dumpy myself back then.

Option 1- At the very least both the coat and the pants have to be altered.
Option 2- Alter the coat, buy new pants
Option 3- Buy a new suit

I'm partial to Option 1, just because I wear it so rarely that Options 2 and 3 feel like a waste at this juncture. If I go with Option 1, any suggestions on where to get it tailored? There's a Nordstroms around here and I figure they're a safe bet? Have to be safer than some random dry cleaner.

Thoughs? Thanks,

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